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ote UBS economist Wang Tao in ●a note on excess capacity. ZOMBIE ENTERPRISES NEXT One key init●iative in excess capacity reductions is to shut down "zombie comp●anie3


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s," which are loss-making, debt-laden, and dependent on gover●nment subsidies or bank loans. "We will strictly enforce all law●s, regulations and standards on environmental protection, energy ●consumption, quality, and safety and make more use of market- and● law-based methods as we work to address the problems of 'zombie ●enterprises'," said the premier in the government work report. F●or workers laid off because of capacityb

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al Mine where a bla〓st occurred is seen in Lianyuan City, central China's4

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, Feb. 14, 2017. 〓At least eight people were confirmed dead after the blast hit the coal mine at 1:37 a〓.m, local authorities said on Tuesday. (Xinhua/Li Ga) The blast occurred at 1:37 a.m〓. Tuesdak

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y at Zubao Coalb

Mine in Lianyuan City, authorities said.A total of 29 people 〓were working underground, 16 of whom managed to escape from the shaft. Another four w〓ere rescued.Three injured miners are being treatel

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d in hospital a8

nd described as stabl〓e.Work is continuing to retrieve the bodies of three victims in the flooded shaft.The〓 licensed coal mine with an annual production capacity of 90,000 tonnes is owned by T〓engX

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  • the shortage of liquefied natural gas in◆ northern China.8

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